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Yearly Basic Social Media Plan


The Basic plan includes:

  • Setting up and managing social media pages, Facebook, Instagram, 1 Account for each platform.
  • Create a cover design and profile picture.
  • Create a tweezer 1 post.
  • Make 12 posts or reels are posted on Facebook and Instagram .
  • Make 5 Stories are posted on Facebook and Instagram .
  • Publication of pages to the public 15 days after the start of work.
  • Launching paid campaigns on demand Note:  The value of the campaigns is not included in the plan.
  • Follow up on comments and messages on a daily basis.
  • Submitting periodic reports after the first paid advertising campaign and every 3 months after launch.
  • Submit annual and semi-annual reports.
  • Free expert consultation once every 3 months.

Please read the explanation below, and learn more terms, conditions and details.

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Maxi Media Hub Social Media Basic Annual Plan

We provide a distinctive package of social media management services, including our Basic package, which contains several distinctive services at an ideal price and a distinguished work team that will meet your business requirements.

  • These initial plans to launch your business on social media platforms have been carefully studied by a specialized team. .
  • Please note that these plans are Monthly contracts.
  • Please note that the beginning plans are only a beginning. With each development,
  • You will be provided with all the advice and information on the most appropriate plans for your business.
  • We have multiple plans that flow with business according to the content you publish.
  • Do not hesitate to take the text and submit questions, our team is ready for consultation.
  • The initial paid consultation service is deducted once the contract is signed and is considered free.
  • Plan prices may change annually according to custom and services.
  • You can change the plan within 24 hours of requesting it
  • The plan cannot be refunded after payment is made.
  • Please note that creating or preparing your pages takes time at first, ranging from two to 15 days, depending on the procedures followed.

You can contact us directly for any problem or inquiry through the means of communication available on the site
Let us be partners in success. We thank you for your interest in Maxi Media Hub.

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